Wednesday, January 21, 2015


It has been a while since got together on WFDU on a Snday afternoon.  But that is now in the past and I hope you enjoyed today's program.   I certainly welcome your comments---e mail me at .   Your comments are always appreciated and your requests will always fulfilled.

Today" program----
Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook


SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK Wanting Memories Still On The Journey Earthbeat Records
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS / MAGPIE Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round Spoken In Love Long Tail
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS Rainbow Race Simplicity Appleseed Records
SWEET HONEY IN THE ROCK Rivers of Babylon Selections 1976-1988 Flying Fish
PETE SEEGER We ShallOvercome We Shall Overcome-- Concert Columbia
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS / MAGPIE St. Paul's Song Spoken In Love Long Tail
GEORGE MANN I'm Going To McWallbucks Depot Portraits Ind
DALE EVANS SWAN Come Out of Your Boxes Even Yesterday Ind
ANNE HILLS Like A Train Tracks Hand & Heart Music
THE LEVINS Blue Skies BarelyContained Ind
THE LEVINS Ale Brider BarelyContained Ind
KATE CAMPBELL Crazy In Alabama Visions of Plenty Compass


ELLIS PAUL The World Ain't Slowing Down Essentials Philo
JOHN PRINE Paradise John Prine Atlantic
HANK SNOW Golden Rocket The Essential Hank Snow RCA
MARAIS & MIRANDA Train To Kimberley Returning Home Metaphoric
FULL FRONTAL FOLK Another Train Storming The Castle Ind
ANDREW SISTERS Rum & Coca Cola The Best of Ind
RAISON D' ETRE Rum & Coca Cola Tales From the Tall Side Ind
LORD INVADER Rum & Coca Cola Best of Trinidad Smithsonian Folkways
DAVE VAN RONK In The Pines Down in Washington Square Smithsonian Folkways
MARAIS & MIRANDA How Lovely Cooks The Meat Songs of Many Lands Decca
TOWNES VAN ZANDT Snowing On Raton Texas Rain Tomato
KATE WOLF These Times We're Living In Weaver of Dreams Rhino
TOBY WALKEER Pony Blues Just Rolled In Ind
SUSAN WERNER Did Trouble Me The Gospel Truth Sleeve Dog Records
BILL STAINES A Place In The Choir The Happy Wanderer Red House


MODERN MAN Abdul Personal Copy Ind
MODERN MAN / FULL FRONTAL FOLK Live Performance Personal Copy //////
HANK WILLIAMS I'll Fly Away HANK Time/Life
SELDOM SCENE Working On The Building Rebel

TONY BENNETT Cold Cold Heart 60 Years of Tony Bennett

UNCLE WADE Liberated Carbon Personal Copy

MAURICE POIRIER Dirty Old Town Behind A Voice Ind
JAMES KEELAGHAN House of Cards House of Cards Borealis
RANI ARBO / DAISY MAYHEM Farewell To St. Dolores Gambling Eden Signature Sounds
PIEDMONT PICKERS Glory of Love Pick A Peck of Piedmont Pickers Wepecket
KATE CAMPBELL Crazy In Alabama Visions of Plenty Compass
HARRY CHAPIN Story of A Life Sequel Elektra

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