Monday, July 21, 2014


Congratulations to the winner of the tickets for Falcon Ridge.  Also, to the winners of the CDs this wknd.   Enjoy.
Your comments, queries and requests are always welcome via e mail to

I hope you enjoyed the nostalgia in the second hour and that we finally got to The Mayor of Candor Lied.

Some faces for today's voices:

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook
THE SWEET POTATOES Squeezebox Faith,Good Neighbors, &a Telephone Ind
GLEN ROETHAL Unfolding As I Go Unfolding Inspireline Records
DAVE RUDOLF Suzanne Acoustic Live Ind
DAVE RUDOLF Angel From Montgomery Acoustic Live Ind
LOCUST HONEY STRING BAND Four Cent Cotton I Never Let Me Cross Your Mind Ind
LOCUST HONEY STRING BAND Columbus Stockade Blues I Never Let Me Cross Your Mind Ind
THE CRAVEN FAMILY BAND Dear Hearts & gentle People The Flower Grown Ind
THE CRAVEN FAMILY BAND Angel Band The Flower Grown Ind
JIM & LYNNA WOOLSEY Will You Be Ready The Road  That Brings You Home Broken Records
DAN BERGRREN Maple  Syrup Time  For Pete's Sake Wepecket Records
JIM MCGRATH Down By The Riverside For Pete's Sake Wepecket Records
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS 1s Corinthians Spoken In Love  Long Tail Records
RUNA The Banks Are Made Out of Marble Current Affairs Ind
EMMA'S REVOLUTION Sing People Sing Songs From Sing Out Sing Out
JOHN FORSTER Entering Marion Entering Marion Philo
JOHN FORSTER Fusion Entering Marion Philo
KATE CAMPBELL Rose Garden Twang On A Wire Large River Music
BUSKIN & BATTEAU Words That Bring The Tear Love Remembered Love Forgot Ind
JOE JENCKS Fireflies Links In A Chain Ind
ANDREW CALHOUN & CAMPGROUND Tree of Life Bound To Go Waterbug
MUSTARD'S RETREAT The  Summer & You A Resolution of Something Ind
SI KAHN  Going Down To The Old Homeplace` Been a Long Time Sliced Bread
TOBY WALKER Little Dixie Hand Picked Band in the Hand Records
SHARON KATZ Mbube Crystal  Sheer Sound
MALVINA REYNOLDS Little Boxes The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
SIS CUNNINGHAM But If I Ask Them The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
TOBY WALKER Hey Good Lookin' Hand Picked Band in the Hand Records
SAMMY WALKER & PHIL OCHS Bound For Glory The Best of Broadside 1962-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
BOB LYONS Banana Boat Song Steel Drum Gold Ind
HARRY BELAFONTE Banana Boat Song Calypso RCA
JACKIE MORRIS  Come & Gone Can't Fix Crazy Button Box Records
FREEBO The Beauty of Life Before the Separation Poppabo Music
BILL STAINES  River Whistle of the Jay Folk Legacy
RICK NESTLER The River That Flows Both Ways Spending My Days Gaff Rig Music
IAN CAMPBELL SMITH Texas Ballads & Bar Songs Ind
BILL STAINES The Games That People Play October's Hill Red House
TED HAWKINS There Stands The Glass The Next Hundred Years Evidence
JOHN PRINE  Old Dogs, Children, & Watermelon Down Standard Songs for Average People Ohboy
HARRY CHAPIN The Mayor of Candor Lied On The Road To Kingdom Come Elektra

Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Ramblings Once Again

My first comment is to offer thanks to all of you who posted those nice and complimentary comments about the July 6 TRADITIONS program.   I do realize the sound quality of Hour 1 was a bit off but that is the joy of recording at a live festival---and I do hope that the people in the background got the food they were searching for.  Still, the performers were the main  thing and I do believe that they were wonderful and well received by an appreciative audience.

Now for a few personal items.   The coming  Sunday (7/13) will be a new program BUT with a requested Comedy Corner featuring my interview with the author of "Overweight Sensation--Allan Sherman".  Please join me for this interesting interview about our most requested artist.

On the personal comments I have to add that on the 7/20 edition of TRADITIONS I will be making it a bit of a personal show---albeit with some new material.    It is now 20 years (cannot believe it) that I have been joining you on these alternate Sundays.   I am having a few life changes now with regard to living quarters and I thought we might reminisce a bit about where I am now,  where I am going (still doing the program---like it or not) and recalling some of the artists I had on with me in those early days.   If you recall who some of the were I would appreciate  your input, requests, and comments.   I know that Kate Campbell is up there along with Mary Gauthier---who were your favorites?

One last thought.  The Hudson River.  Sadly, I will be leaving that most beloved (by me) area.  If you have a nice picture of the river that I might enlarge and frame please do send it to me. 

Thanks for listening---or joining me all these many years and, hopefully, all the years to come.


This will cover the playlists for both programs since SUNDAY SIMCHA had its semi annual extended Comedy Corner with the exclusive airing in this area of THE CAPITOL STEPS.  This is exclusive to this area and if you want it discontinued---or continued (it was quite difficult for me to make these arrangements) let me know via e mail to   You may also use this address for requests, comments, and whatever else is on you mind=---including submitting material for air-play

Now, to TRADITIONS.    Your comments and queries as well as requests are always welcome via e mail to   Please do make sure you use that address to preclude some problems of a few weeks back from an irate listener who, in fact, wrote a very proper critical note that was misconstrued and was overly reacted to by the powers that be.

Some faces to put w/ today's voices---some of which were recorded live at the Bergen Rockland Music Festival in Tappan NY

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook Ind
ARLON BENNETT Live  Performance World of Possibilities
THE LEVINS Live Performance Various Pieces
CHRISTOPHER BROWN Live Performance Various Pieces
PHIL OCHS  The Power & The Glory
PETE SEEGER America The Beautiful PETE
TOBY WALKER Stars & Stripes Forever Speechless Ind

KIM & REGGIE HARRIS St Pauls Song (1st Corinthians) Spoken In Love Long Tail Records
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS Changes Simplicity Appleseed Recordings
MARY GAUTHIER Drag Queens & Limousines Drag Queens & Limousines
PETE SEEGER Oh What A Beautiful City American Favorite Ballads Smithsonian Folkways
PETE SEEGER Those Three Are On My Mind The Essential Pete Seeger
PETE SEEGER & THE RIVERTOWN KIDS We Shall  Not Be Moved Tomorrow's  Children Appleseed Recordins
TERRENCE MARTIN A Bird To Take You South The Last Black & White TV Good Dog Music
TOWNES VAN ZANDT White Freight Liner Blues The Best of Townes Van Zandt Tomato
KATE WOLF Old Jerome Weaver of Visions Rhino
PHIL OCHS  Freedom Riders The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
NINA SIMONE Mississippi Godamn The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
STAN FREBURG A Man Can't Be Too Careful in Signing Things / Everyone Wants to Be An Art  Director Stan Freburg Presents The United States of America Capitol
ERIC BOGLE Silly Slang Song I wrote This Wee Song Rice Records
KIMMIE RHODES Thank You For Another Day Ten Summers Sunbird
THE YELLOW ROOM GANG Happy  New Day Happy New Day Ind
QUETZAL Viva La Quince Brigada Spain In My Heart Appleseed Recordings
JOHN McCUTCHEON The Abraham Lincoln Brigade Spain In My Heart Appleseed Recordings
SHARON KATZ & THE PEACE TRAIN Bayangasa Imbizo Appleseed Recordings
EARL SCRUGGS  Foggy Mountain Breakdown Listener submitted copy
HANK WILLIAMS I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
TONY BENNETT Cold Cold Heart 78 Single Columbia
LORRIE NEWMAN KEATING If I Needed You In The Booth Cub Bear Productions
HARRY CHAPIN Mr Tanner Greatest Stories Live  Elektra

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Your comment comments, queries , requests and opinions are always welcome.  Please contact me at or USPS to PO Box 147 Orangeburg NY   10962

Thanks for all the nice comments about this particular program---and the answer to the trivia question----Eric Andersen / Phil Ochs

Some faces to put with today's voices----

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook Woodpecker
LORRIE NEWMAN KEATING Wayfaring Stranger In the Booth Cub Bear Productions
JACKIE MORRIS Jambalaya Can't Fix Crazy Button Box Records
JOHNNY CASH I'm Moving On Out  Among The Stars Legacy
JOHNNY CASH Rock & Roll Shoes Out  Among The Stars Legacy
HANK SNOW The Golden Rocket Country Legends RCA
HANK SNOW I've Been Everywhere Single RCA
BROWNWYNNE BRENT Don't Tell Your Secrets To the Wind Stardust Ind
SHERMAN LEE DILLON You  Win Again 309 Blues Wepecket
CRAIG BICKHARDT Giant Steps The More I Wonder Stone Barn Recordings
NINA SIMONE  Mississippi Goddamn The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
KATE CAMPBELL Crazy In Alabama The Portable Kate Campbell
LUCY BILLINGS God's House Carry the Water Sassy Time Records
THE BIG CHEESE It Was A Very Good Year Ramble In The Dairy Aisle--It's All Gouda Ind
TOBY WALKER Smokey Mokes Speechless Ind
TOM PAXTON Anytime Along the Vertigris Sugar Hill
TOM PAXTON Getting Up Early Along the Vertigris Sugar Hill
TOM PAXTON / ANNE HILLS And Lovin' You Under American Skies Appleseed Records
TOM PAXTON Life In The Key of C Looking For The Moon Appleseed Records
TOM PAXTON You Are Love Comedians & Angels Appleseed Records
BOB GIBSON Let The Band Play Dixie The Living Legend Years Bob Gibson Legacy
UTAH PHILLIPS The Telling Takes Me Home Starlight on The Rails Daemon Records
EVA CASSIDY Tennessee Waltz Imagine Blix Street
STEVE GOODMAN Medley Anthology Red Pajama
GATHERING TIME Good Day To Be Above Ground When One Door Closes Treble-G Records
TED HAWKINS So Long As I Can See The Light The Next Hundred Years Evidence
KATE WOLF California Pines Gold In California Rhino
ERNIE MARRS Plastic Jesus The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
TOM LEHRER Folk Song Army The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino
JOHN PRINE Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore John Prine
LUCINDA WILLIAMS Lafayette The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
MUSTARD'S RETREAT Part of Me Remembers Back to Back Red House
BERGRREN,EYRES &DUGGAN Just A Little More Time Ten Miles To Saturday Night Sleepiing Giant Records
THE LEVINS Ale Brider Barely Contained Ind
JOEL RAFAEL Singing In The Streets America Come Home Inside Recordings
ERIC ANDERSEN / PHIL OCHS Plains of Nebrasky-o The Best of Broadside 1966-1988 Smithsonian Folkways
T TEXAS TYLER Old Blue Country Boogie Classics Vintage Masters
THE OSBORNE BROS. I Wonder How The Old Foks Are The Essential Bluegrass Album Cmh Records
PATTI PAGE How Much Is That Doggie In The Window Greatest Hits Columbia
KATIE GLASSMAN & SNASHOT Little Liza Jane Dream A Little Dream Fiddle Parlor Records
HARRY CHAPIN The Rock Portrait Gallery Elektra

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Stealing a page from Jack Paar I started the program the way he did after his NBC ordained hiatus----" I was saying before I was interrupted...."

Good to be with you again and your kind comments about the program.  Any comments, queries, requests are always welcome via e mail to 

You can also go to the website and click on my name for mail to me and on Ron's for his e mail.  You might also write via USPS to PO Box 147 Orangeburg, NY   10962

Sad news that sooner or later befalls us all and we mourn the passing of the light and anchor of Tom Paxton's beloved spouse.    More on that the next I am join you on the air. (6/22)

Some faces to put with today's voices.

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook
WOODY GUTHRIE /CISCO HOUSTON / SONNY TERRY When The Yanks Tgo Marching in That's  Why We're Marching Smithsonian Folkways
UNION BOYS /SONNY TERRY / BROWNIE McGEE Move Into Germany That's  Why We're Marching Smithsonian Folkways
KAT EGGLESTON Meeting Stuckey At The Gas Station Memorial Day Waterbug
CAROL PONDER I'll Be Seeing You Going Across The Mountain Ind
CAROL PONDER Taps Going Across The Mountain Ind
JACKIE MORRIS Come & Gone Can't Fix Crazy Buttonbox records
THE WARREN G. HARDINGS Post-Suburban Recession-Era Blues Get A Life Ind
PAUL SACHS Survival Is The New Success Survival Is the New Success Ind
ABE LOOMIS Lady On The Trampoline The Early Treasuries Ind
JOB POTTER  Evocation IRT (1961) All Good Things Narrow Lane records
LINDA MCRAE the L&N Fifty Shades of Red Borealis
RED MOLLY Homeward Bound The Red Album Ind
CARRIE & MIICHAEL KLINE Granny Get Your Stick & Walk With Me Wild Hog In the Woods Ind
BUSKIN & BATTEAU / TOM RUSH One Month Crazier Click Fox Run Records
JOHN FLYNN Bury Me With My Guitar Poor Man's Diamonds Flying Stone Music Group
BUSKIN &  BATTEAU Sapho's Boatman Love Remembered Love Forgot Ind
BUSKIN &  BATTEAU Word's That Bring The Tear Love Remembered Love Forgot Ind
PHIL OCHS The Ballad of William Worthy All the News That’s Fit To  Sing
PETE SEEGER What Did You Learn In School Today Broadside
CISCO HOUSTON Pie In The Sky The Folkways Years Vanguard
PETE SEEGER Last Train To Nuremburg A Link In The Chain Columbia
PHIL OCHS Small Circle of Friends The Broadside Tapes Smithsonian Folkways
NINA GERBER / GREG BROWN Kate's Guitar Not Before Noon Goatscape Music
GATHERING TIME Mom's Guitar Personal;  Copy
JUNIOR BROWN Steel Guitar Rag Guit With It Curb
HARRY CHAPIN 6 String Orchestra Verities & Balderdash Elektra
CINDY MANGSEN / STEVE GILLETTE Joshua Gone Barbados Fourtold Appleseed
DEBRA COWAN Good Fish Chowder Among Friends Muzzy House Music
GROUCHO  MARX Father's Day Pieces Groucho Columbia
ROBERT KLEIN FM DJ Child of the 1950s Brut
ROBERT KLEIN Educated Middle Class Blues Child of the 1950s Brut
CHRISTOPHER BROWN Just Like The Old Man Characterist Timbuktunes
CHRISTOPHER BROWN It's All Good Characterist Timbuktunes
HANNEKE CASSEL Marathon Dot The Dragon's Eyes Ind
JAMES GORDON The Humline Song Songs From Basic Black Ind
STUART MITCHELL Me & My Dad Dear Calamity Jane Ind
HUGH BLUMENFELD  Cradle Song DAD Waterbug
DAVE CARTER / TRACY GRAMMER Way Over Yonder In A Minor Key Little Blue Egg Redhouse
ANDREW CALHOUN Goin Down To See John Prine Tiger Tattoo Waterbug
JOHN PRINE Paradise Anthology Rhino
TOM PAXTON The First Song Is For You Comedians & Angels Appleseed