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A few faces to put with today's voices:

As a bonus today --we have had the formality of Marais and Miranda (from a film ---Rope of Sand) and now the later S. Africa from Sharon Katz and The Peace Train in NYC.

    ALBUM /  LABEL  

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag
          Solo Guitar Sketchbook     Woodpecker Records -    

GREG ALEXANDER              Graduation Day
                         Sky It Shall Be Summit House Music              

DANNY QUINN                 A Much Better View Of The Moon
                 Tis A Fine Soft Day                    Self                          

LISA BIGWOOD                   Sister Tiger
                              Intrepid                   Mothergirl Records        

3 PENNY ACRE                Riverboat
                    Highway 71                                   Self                              

MATT TURK                  Mama Don't Allow
                  American Preservation                   Turktunes                  

MATT TURK                  Wabash Cannonball
            American Preservation                        Turktunes                  

CHRIS KOKESH                  Radio Soul
                 October Valentine                     Self                              

NORMAN SAVITT                     Alex at Six
       Norman Savitt & Friends Balkan           Samba Records      

TOM GRANATA                     Love & Maple Syrup
                 Left Foot Lightfoot           Wheel's Old Records               

JAMES GORDON                 Jumbo's Last Ride
                  Pipe Street Dreams                Drog Recordings                

JOHN PRINE                 Sabu Visits the Twin Cities
                      Great Days Anthology                      Atlantic

RONNY COX             San Francisco Mabel Joy
          How I Love them Old Songs               Wind River Records   

MARY ELLEN BERNARD           Lets Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
                   Point of Departure                   Triple Z Records      


TOM PAXTON                   Daily News
                      Rambling Boy                       Elektra                 

TOM PAXTON           What Did You Learn In School Today?
                Rambling Boy                              Elektra                 

TOM PAXTON            1 Million Lawyers
                  1Million Lawyers                      Flying Fish         

TOM PAXTON             Tinky-Winky
                     Live In the U K                 Pax Records              

TOM PAXTON          I Wish I Had A Troubador
                     Even A Gray Day                     Flying Fish                   

TOM PAXTON                Even A Gray Day
                  Even A Gray Day                         Flying Fish                  

TOM PAXTON                 Getting Up Early
                    Wearing The Time                     Sugar Hill                  

TOM PAXTON                 Wearing The Time
                    Wearing The Time                     Sugar Hill                 

TOM PAXTON        Your Shoes My Shoes
                        Live In The U K                            Pax Records      

TOM PAXTON                        Phil
                   Heroes                                     Vanguard                        

TOM PAXTON                 Did You Hear John Hurt?
                 Live In the U K                       Pax Records                      

TOM PAXTON                     Comedians & Angels
               Comedians & Angels                   Appleseed Records            
GATHERING TIME                   Train Coming
                  Songs of Hope & Freedom                Inspireline Records

DOC WATSON / JEAN RITCHIE             The Storms Are On the Ocean
                           At Folk City                                       Folkways

PHIL OCHS                       Tape From California
                            Tape From California                         A & M

SHARON KATZ                  Afrika Khayalami
                 What's The Story Thunder                 Rhythm Records 

MARAIS AND MIRANDA                     Train To Kimberley
                         Retrurning Home                 Metaphorce      

THE STRINGBUSTERS                   Symphony #5 (Beethoven)
                          Rhapsody in Uke                       Self                   

SUSAN WERNER                       The Wind
                       Classics                                     Sleeve Dog Records 

BRUCE HOLMES                   When The Ship Comes In
                        Life's An Intelligence Test               Self             

JIMMIE RODGERS                   Waiting For A Train
                     Jimmie Rodgers                                      Country Music Legends

HANK WILLIAMS                Pan American
                      Rare Takes & Radio Cuts                          Polygram

THE CARTER FAMILY                 Wabash Cannonball
                 When The Roses Bloom in Dixieland          Victor

GEORGIA GIBBS                  If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake
                                  Single                                           Coral

THE RED CLAY RAMBLERS             What's The Matter With The Mill?
                     Yonder                        Self                                          

SI KAHN         In The Spinning Mill
                     Thanksgiving          Strictly Country Records                     

JAMES GORDON            Since It's Just A Song
               Nine Green Bottles                        Borealis                       

KATE CAMPBELL        Strangeness of The Day
                   Monuments                    Large River Music                     

ERIC BOGLE            The Last of the Old Timers
                     Other Peoples Children                          Rice records          


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