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Some responses for David Silva's (or my request ) to comment on who he reminded you of and he has been advised---and thanks the writers.  As I suspected he did not know of them but now loves their work.

The "Focus" on another side of Harry Chapin was, I hope, meaningful.  I am happy to report that the Monday evening "Wild About Harry"  program in LI  (Stu Marcus produced, performed, and had an amazing array of LI talent) was attended by thousands (including this person who blended into the shadows quite well).  Do not forget we are archived for 2 weeks at the website so you may want to re-hear a portion to see why the Finale of Cotton Patch--along with commentary---was played separately.

If you want to know more about Cotton Patch Gospel just comment and I will put something up on the 1st page of this Blog---also, it would be nice if more people asked for "Harry Chapin Song Nights"---along the lines of the wonderful Phil Ochs Song Nights,   His repertoire is huge and, amazingly only 2 or 3 are recalled as hits.

We will pass on the pictures this week except to give you small feeling of how good Cotton Patch Gospel is:

YES---there are better versions of this brilliant piece---BUT---this is non-professional and from the heart. Recall now---Harry Chapin wrote ALL the music and lyrics for this show Realize, also, that he never saw the opening since he died on the way to a rehearsal---and it is still being produced by local groups---that it is not the "hit" of, say, Jesus Christ, Superstar or Godspell is in the same category of why his brilliant music (save for 2 or 3 pieces) are ever recalled.

    ALBUM   /LABEL -

Theme: HARVEY REID           Dirty Dish Rag
              Solo Guitar Sketchbook                    Woodpecker Records -

JOHN SCHWAB               I Ain't Givin' In To Getting'
                   Old McGuffey Lane                            Self                             http://www.mcguffeylane.com/

DAVID SILVA                  Coffee Shop
                          Moorpark Oasis                          Self                          http://www.daveworldonline.com/

LES COPELAND                    That Needing Time
                     Don't Let The Devil In                Earwig Music              http://www.earwigmusic.com/

DAVID SILVA                             Garlic
                        Moorpark Oasis                             Self                        http://www.daveworldonline.com/

HEY MAVIS                   Sister Mary
                    Red Wine                                  Self                                       http://www.heymavis.com/

LAIA & CO.                       To Be With You
                                 Demo                           Self                               www.reverbnation.com/laiaco

JOHN MCVEY                     Lay Your Burden Down
                          Unpredictable                              Self                                     http://www.johnmcvey.com/

TERRI HENDRIX                   You Belong In New Orleans
                     Cry Till You Laugh                Wilory Records                         http://www.terrihendrix.com/

JIM McGRATH                   Times Are Getting' Hard
                 Last of The Romantics                           Webpecket Records      http://www.webpecket.com/

THE MCGARRIGLES                      Hard Times Come Again No More

GREAT BIG SEA                    Good People
                  Safe Upon The Shore                    Self                                    http://www.greatbigsea.com/

CHET ATKINS                     Battle of New Orleans / Sugarfoot Rag
                                                                                     Personal VCR Tape

TOBY WALKER                        Dallas Rag
                     Speechless                                                                                       http://www.tobywalker.com/

GREAT BIG SEA                    Safe Upon The Shore
              Safe Upon The Shore                                  Self                              http://www.greatbigsea.com/

MARY ELLEN HEALY                  Sailor's Husbands Lament
                     Broad Old River                                                Clearwater

PEGGY ATWOOD                   Sailor's Prayer
                    Broad Old River                                               Clearwater

ANDY COHEN            Temptation Rag
                 Built Right On the Ground                  Self                             http://www.andycohenmusic.net/

ABAYUDAYA                  We Are Happy
              Music of The Jews of Uganda               Smithsonian Folkways          http://www.folkways.si.edu/

TERRENCE MARTIN                    The Last Black & White TV
                The Last Black & White TV             Good Dog Music                  http://www.martinsongs.com/

JENI & BILLY If I Ever Get 10 Dollars

JIM McGRATH                       Passing Through
                  Last of The Romantics              Webpecket Records                   http://www.webpecket.com/


TOM KEY / CAST                  Something's Happening in Gainseville
                     Cotton Patch Gospel                                                       http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

TOM KEY / CAST                     It Ain't Easy Growing Up To Be Jesus
                           Cotton Patch Gospel                                                   http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                Sho Nuff
                           Cotton Patch Gospel                                                 http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                          Spit Ball
                           Cotton Patch Gospel                                                  http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                   We Gotta' Get Organized
                            Cotton Patch Gospel                                               http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                         The Last Supper
                              Cotton Patch Gospel                                           http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                          Jud
                                 Cotton Patch Gospel                                           http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

CAST                          Thank God for Gov. Pilate
                                  Cotton Patch Gospel                                          http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/

TOM KEY / CAST                    Finale
                              Cotton Patch Gospel                                                 http://www.harrychapinmusic.com/


JOE LOSTRITTO                    Midnight Radio Caravan
                    Company                                                               www.myspace.com/joelowstreet

DAVID SILVA        Life Is Good
                     Moorpark Oasis                                                Self             http://www.daveworldonline.com/

HEY MAVIS                  Red Wine
                     Red Wine                                                             Self                    http://www.heymavis.com/

STEVE GOODMAN                  I'll Fly Away
                      Live At The Earl of Old Town                     Red Pajama                http://www.ohboy.com/

STEVE GOODMAN                  Three Legged Man
                      Live At The Earl of Old Town                   Red Pajama                 http://www.ohboy.com/

AL JOLSON                    The Old Piano Roll Blues
                               single                                 Illegible

RED NICHOLS                       Corrinna Corrinna
                           Single                                    Brunswick

ARMAND HUGS                    Frog 1
                           Single                                         Good Times Jazz

THE ANDREW SISTERS                The Old Piano Roll Blues
                                                    Single                        Dot

JOAN BAEZ                 And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
                             Ring Them Bells                         Angel

KATE CAMPBELL                      Sorrowfree
                     Save The Day                             Large River Music           http://www.katecampbell.com/

ERIC BOGLE               Cornflower Blue
                       Treasures Left Behind                        Greentrax               http://www.ericbogle.net/

MICHAEL SMITH                The Princess & The Frog
                     Such Things Are Finely Done            Self         www.artistsofnote.com/michaelsmith


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