Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today's program was originally scheduled to air on 11/4 but this gal name Sally got in the way.  But we are back and I do hope you are as well.  So many people suffering so much more than the loss of some radio programming and they are to be sympathized with.   Hopefully they will soon once again be back to the NEW normal.   That said; I salute Gov. Christie for his quick response and command in this situation (and bipartisanship--leaving politics out), Gov. Cuomo for his great effort and also, from what I hear, FEMA as opposed to the Bush era FEMA.

NOW--Sunday Simcha---your comments, requests and whatever kvetching you want to share are always welcome at or via USPS to PO Box 147  Orangeburg, NY  10962.

One comment about today's program.   As you know Nov. 9 was the sad anniversary of Kristalnacht and since this was recorded on 11/4 it was not commemorated here this year.  It was, however, commemorated on TRADITIONS this day so I hope you might have been tuned in.   I also hope you will be able to go to see THE GOLDEN LAND since it is truly a magical moment and I thank, again, Zalman Mlotek for joining us a few weeks back to speak of it.

Some faces to put with today's voices-----

Lou Jacobi in a serious role---

     ALBUM  /    LABEL

THE KLEZMER MTN.BOYS    A Redl & A Volich(theme)
 Margot Leverett & the Klezmer Mtn. Boys   Ind

BEYOND THE PALE            Dutchmandu
               Postcards                               Borealis  

GOLDEN LAND CAST             Khulem
                     The Gold Land Excerpts   Personal Copy

ANNA HOFFMAN                 A Grise Fun Di Trenches
            Personal Copy---Single                                 

GOLDEN LAND CAST         A Grise Fun Di Trenches
     The Gold Land Excerpts          Personal Copy    

SHELLEY POSEN     Everybody Loves Shabbos But The Chickens
                Menorah                  Well Done Music    

SHELLEY POSEN                Street Corner Havdala
                 Menorah                Well Done Music      

SHLOMO CARLEBACH          Siman Tov
                  Personal Copy

SHLOMO CARLEBACH                Lahai Dodi
                   Personal Copy

SUSAN COLIN                  Everyday Is A New Day
          Every Day             Jewish Song Service            

LOU JACOBI             Final Discussion
                      You Don't Have To Be Jewish                      JMG

JACK GILFORD        The Housewarming
                   You Don't Have To Be Jewish                        JMG

LOU JACOBI          The Great Bank Robbery
               You Don't Have To Be Jewish                          JMG

HENNY YOUNGMAN                One Liners
                      vhs Tape---personal copy

JACK GILFORD / ZERO MOSTEL /   Everyone Ought To Have A Maid
    A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum   Soundtrack

LEO FULD           Mazzel
Songs For the Jewish American Jet Set Idelsohn Society

MOISHE OYSHER      Balkan Rhapsody
Songs For the Jewish American Jet Set Idelsohn Society

  Making The Music Our Own       Meii Enterprises

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