Monday, September 2, 2013


La Shana Tovah to all and hope you enjoyed today's Rosh Hashonah program while flinging all your sins into some wonderful river----

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A few nice comments from some new listeners.  I do hope they will also join me on Traditions as we increase our horizons in music.

Some faces for today's voices---

MARGOT LEVERETT & THE KLEZMER MTN. BOYS A Redl & A Volich (Theme) Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mtn. Boys
UNKNOWN Ha'Kayitz Avar Jewish Holiday Songs
UNKNOWN Shanah Tova Jewish Holiday Songs
UNKNOWN Berosh Hashannah Jewish Holiday Songs
JOY KATZEN GUTHRIE Healthy Happy  New Year Holiday Sampler
DAVID CHEVAN  On Rosh Hashonah The Days of Awe
LAURA WETZLER / JANIECE THOMPSON  Rivers of Babylon Jewels of the Diaspora
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS  Roll Jordan Roll Simplicity
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS  Down By the Riverside Get On Board
NITZANI Holiday Talk Video Download
SCHLOCK ROCK Get Me To The Shul on Time Almost on Broadway
SUSAN COLIN Shalom Rav Prayer of The Heart
SUSAN COLIN May You Have A Good Year Prayer of The Heart
SHEARITH ISRAEL CHOIR Et Shaarei Raton Choral Music of the Congregation
ROYAL LIVERPOOL PHILHARMONIC ORCH. / CHOIR Finale--Kaddish Symphony #3 Leonard Bernstein---Kaddish Symphony #3

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