Monday, January 20, 2014


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I surely hope you  appreciated today's  guests as I did and will support the program in the upcoming month so that we can keep presenting the new and the old favorites to you as we have over these many years.    

Some faces to put with today's voices---

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag
JEAN MANN Used Bike Between The Rocks & Stars Blue Flower records
MELANIE Brand New Key Greatest Hits Budha
WYATT EASTERLING Why Did It Take So Long Hello---Goodbye Phoenix Rising Rco;rds www.phoenixrisingrecordslcom
NATHAN BELL Blue Kentucky Gone Blood Like A River Stone Barn Records
THE TUTTLES W/ A J LEE A Few Old Memories Endless Ocean Back Studio Records
MARSHALL LAWRENCE Mean Mama Blues House Call Ind
MARSHALL LAWRENCE Long Black Train House Call Ind
JOHNNY CASH This Train Is Bound For Glory The Soul of Truth Sony
BIG BILL BROONZY This Train Is Bound For Glory An Evening With Big Bill Broonzy Vol 1 Doxy
THE HENRY GIRLS Ol Cook Pot December Moon Ind
MASON  PORTER Back To Where We Started From Home For The Harvest  Ind
ERIK BALKEY Everything IS Great Everything Is Great Hudson Harding Music
OSCAR ISAAC Green Green Rocky Road Inside Llewyn Davis Nonesuch Records
NANCY BLAKE The Storms Are On The Ocean Inside Llewyn Davis Nonesuch Records
THE NEW AGRARIANS Look Away Due South Co-op Due South Records
THE TUTTLES W/ A J LEE Beaumont Rag Endless Ocean Back Studio Records
Rain & Snow When  One Door Closes Treble G Music
There But For Fortune When  One Door Closes Treble G Music
Good Day To Be Above Ground When  One Door Closes Treble G Music
Moonlight Row When  One Door Closes Treble G Music
Mingulay Boat Song When  One Door Closes Treble G Music
STAN ROGERS Rolling Down To Old Maui Between The Breaks Live Borealis
THE WEAVERS The Sinking of the Reuben James At Carnegie Halll  Vanguard
JOHNNY HORTON Rock Island Line Greatest Hits Columbia
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS Freedom Is A Constant Struggle Get On Board Appleseed Recordings
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS Let Us Break Bread Together Steal Away Appleseed Recordings
PAUL ROBESON Scandaliz' My Name The Peace Arch Concerts Folk Era,
MAHALIA JACKSON Lord Don't Move The Mountain
ERIC BIBB Meetin' At the Buildin' Spirit & The Blues Earth Beat
KIM & REGGIE HARRIS / MAGPIE St.  Paul's Song Spoken In Love Long Tail Reords
LUI COLLINS Maisha Ni Safi Stone By Stone Molly Gamblin Music www.luicollins.copm
JULIE GOLD Welcome To Paradise Dream Loud Gadfly
EMILY KURN Things Change Things Change Ind
STEVE GILLETTE Brother Can You Spare A Dime The Man Compass Rose
GUY CLARK Baton Rouge Boats To Build Nonesuch Records
TOM LEHRER National Brotherhood Week The Remains of Tom Lehrer Rhino
THE AUSTIN LOUNGE LIZARDS Toast The Earth With Exxon/Mobil The Drugs I Need Blue Corn Music
ROY ZIMMERMAN Defenders of Marriage Faulty Intelligence Metaphor
HARRY CHAPIN The Rock Portrait Gallery Elektra

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