Sunday, February 23, 2014


The playlists had to be omitted for this past month due to the fundraising programs that required much attention and precluded time for keeping the playlists current.   They will return after the March 2 programs.

My thanks to all of you who so generously supported the programs---you are keeping Yiddishekayt on the air---and also traditional and soon to be traditional music on the air.

Check your now non-existent "radio dials" and you will find that there is no station that plays the eclectic material that WFDU does.  It does it commercial free and has some truly talented hosts who are experts in t heir genre of music.  I do not know where else you can get that and also they (the hosts) are all non paid participants in this radio effort.

One last thank you to all of you who called and all the kind words you spoke to me about the host of this program and the following one---Ghosty appreciates it.    Ron Olesko appreciates your kind comments (in the afternoon) as well.

Next week's Comedy Corner (Simcha) is one you will not want to miss given all the editing I had to do to keep it within FCC rules. 

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