Monday, July 7, 2014

Random Ramblings Once Again

My first comment is to offer thanks to all of you who posted those nice and complimentary comments about the July 6 TRADITIONS program.   I do realize the sound quality of Hour 1 was a bit off but that is the joy of recording at a live festival---and I do hope that the people in the background got the food they were searching for.  Still, the performers were the main  thing and I do believe that they were wonderful and well received by an appreciative audience.

Now for a few personal items.   The coming  Sunday (7/13) will be a new program BUT with a requested Comedy Corner featuring my interview with the author of "Overweight Sensation--Allan Sherman".  Please join me for this interesting interview about our most requested artist.

On the personal comments I have to add that on the 7/20 edition of TRADITIONS I will be making it a bit of a personal show---albeit with some new material.    It is now 20 years (cannot believe it) that I have been joining you on these alternate Sundays.   I am having a few life changes now with regard to living quarters and I thought we might reminisce a bit about where I am now,  where I am going (still doing the program---like it or not) and recalling some of the artists I had on with me in those early days.   If you recall who some of the were I would appreciate  your input, requests, and comments.   I know that Kate Campbell is up there along with Mary Gauthier---who were your favorites?

One last thought.  The Hudson River.  Sadly, I will be leaving that most beloved (by me) area.  If you have a nice picture of the river that I might enlarge and frame please do send it to me. 

Thanks for listening---or joining me all these many years and, hopefully, all the years to come.

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