Sunday, September 13, 2015


Some new, some topical, some thematic material for this day's program---and , of course, some humor

Theme: HARVEY REID Dirty Dish Rag Solo Guitar Sketchbook


JOE JENCKS Tikun Olam, The Candle & The Flame
JOANNE RAND Cripple Creek Southern Girl Homefire Pruductiois
JOANNE RAND Maid of Constant Sorrow Southern Girl Homefire Pruductiois
CLARA BAKER Big Spoon Temporary Things Ind
TERRY KITCHEN Eternity The Post American Century Urban Campfire Productiom
CHRIS ROSSER Anchor Tattoo A Thousand Hands Hollow Reed Arts
JUNIOR BROWN Highway Patrol Greatest Hits

JUNIOR BROWN Sugarfoot Rag Greatest Hits

RED FOLEY Sugarfoot Rag U S Ciuntry Hits

HANK WILLIAMS California Zephyr HANK-Unreleased Recordings` Time/Life
CHRISTINE LAVIN Goodnight Irene Live At McCabes

JOHN FORSTER Fusion Entering Marion Philo www.johnforster.ccom
MIKE AGRANOFF Would You Like to Play The Guitar


CATHY fINK / MARCY MARXER Happy Adoption Day Dancing In The Kitchen Ind
CATHY fINK / MARCY MARXER Dancing In The Kitchen Dancing In The Kitchen

FREEBO Funk Up The Folk If Not Now When Poppabo Music
FREEBO Standing Ovation If Not Now When Poppabo Music
YOUMGBLOODS Staggerlee Get Together Grandpa %accoon Records
YOUMGBLOODS Sugar Babe Get Together Grandpa %accoon Records
GATHERING TIME Good Day To Be Above Ground When One Door Closes Treble G
WORK O THE WEAVERS A Long Way To The Graveyard We're Still Here Ind
SLAID CLEAVES Streets of Laredo Dark River Ind
AVERY HILL Summer 1957 Dream & Ghosts: A Family Album Ind
CALAN A Miner's Life Calan Ind
TOM PAXTON Time To Spare Redemption Road Pax


KIM & REGGIE HARRIS Down By The Riveride Get On Board Appleseed Recording
THE LEVINS Lines In The Land Trust Ind
ROY ACUFF Lost Highway The Great Roy Acuff Harmony
THE SOGGY BOTTOM BOYS Man of Constant Sorrow O Brother Where Art Thou Losst Highway
PHIL HARRIS That's What I Like About The South Phil Harris Camden
ERIC BOGLE The Gift of Years By Request Greentrax
KIMMIE RHODES Thank You For Another Day Rich From The Journey Sunbird Records
KATE CAMPBELL Galaxie 500 The Portable Kate Campbell Large River Music
KATE CAMPBELL See Rock City The Portable Kate Campbell Large River Music
GREG BROWN The Brand New '64 Dodge The Poet Game Red House
ERIC BOGLE Silly Slang Song By Request Greentrax
THE FOREMEN Hell Froze Over Today The Best of The Foremen Ind
THE FOREMEN Everyman---For Himself Folk Heroes Ind

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