Saturday, May 28, 2016


The Memorial Day program with the focus on nostalgia and the meaning of this day and not the bbqs, the sales, and the lightheartedness so far from what this day should be about.

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ALEX KARAS The 3d Man (theme) The Third Man

THE WEAVERS 2 Brothers Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

ERIC BOGLE Dedication Day Small Miracles Greentrax
KAT EGGLESTON meeting Stuckey At The Gas Station Memorial Day Waterbug
ERIC BOGLE The Digger's Legacy Small Miracles Greentrax
JAMES MCCANDLESS Memorial Day Memorial Day Waterbug
CURTIS & LORETTA I Will Get Home When There's Good To Be Done Ind
DOC WATSON Doc Tells Stories Doc Watson The Bottom Line Archives
SLOAN WAINRIGHT First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Uncovering Ind
REBEKAH LONG The Maple Tree & Me Here I Am LUK Records
GUY CLARK Home Grown Tomatoes
KATE WOLF The Lilac & The Apple Tree Weaver of Visions Rhino

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