Saturday, June 12, 2010


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Thanks to all the honored pledges---now 100% --- a record for any radio program on any station.  The last of our premiums went out today and my sincere thanks for all of you who have so wonderfully supported this program and if you really want a bumper sticker that says "Keeping Yiddishkeit On The Air---WFDU" let me know and I will speak to our management about it.

It is my hope that none of you miss the wonderful show starring Mike Burstyn at The Baruch Performing Arts Center in NYC under the auspices of The National Yiddishe Theater.  The show ends when June ends so best to go to and find out about tickets.

Some faces to put with today's voices:

                                                         OLD WORLD FOLK BAND

THE KLEZMER MTN. BOYS           A Redl & A Volich (Theme)
    Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mtn. Boys          Self          

OLD WORLD FOLK BAND                 Borscht
                  Crossing New Borders                      Self           

OLD WORLD FOLK BAND           Otchi Tchorniye (Dark Eyes)
                   Crossing New Borders          Self                

PAUL ROBESON                       Everytime I Feel The Spirit
                               Swing Low Sweet Chariot                             Columbia

PAUL ROBESON                     Ezekial
                              Swing Low Sweet Chariot                            Columbia

PAUL ROBESON                              Chassidic Kadish

SI KAHN                        Blood From Stones
                       Blood From Stones                Unreleased                  

SI KAHN            Stranger In this Land
                  Blood From Stones                     Unreleased                   
THE KLEZMATICS           I Ain't Afraid
                     Rise Up ! Shteyt Oyf!                  Rounder                   


MODERN MAN              Jews Don't Camp
              Modern Immaturity            Inverted turtle              

FYVISH FINKEL    Excerpted Joke
                       VCR Tape of Live Show in Bklyn.             xxxxxxxxxxx

MICKEY KATZ                   How Much Is That Pickle In The Window
                                      Mish Mosh                                      Capitol

JULIE ANDREWS                      Wedding Song (Yiddish)
                               Thoroughly Modern Millie                    VCR Tape

THE KLEZICAL TRADITION        Di Raze Nokh Amerika/Eyder IkhLaygShlofn 
            Family Portrait                            Self                                
ELEANOR REISSA                        Yiddishe Mama
                      Going Home                              Self                                 

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