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Some faces and/or videos to put with today's voices---make sure you check out the Carolina Chocolate Drops:

    ALBUM  /  LABEL -

Theme: HARVEY REID                Dirty Dish Rag
     Solo Guitar Sketchbook       Woodpecker Records -                 

TOBY WALKER                Stars & Stripes Forever
                     Speechless                                 self                            

JOHN PRINE              Your Flag Decal Won't Get You Into Heaven Anymore
    John Prine--Live& On Stage                    Ohboy                             

ELIZA GILKYSON                        Peace Call
                 Land of Milk & Honey             Red House Records          

KELLER & THE KEELS              Uncle Disney
                     Thief                       SCI Fidelity Records               

MARC BLACK                     Ooh I Love My Coffee
             Pictures of the Highway                   Self                           

KATIE GEDDES                   Hello Stranger
           We Are Each Other's Angels          Katydid Records     

MARC BLACK              Moment After Dawn
              Pictures of the Highway            self                           

KATIE GEDDES                     Hello In There 
        We Are Each Other's Angels               Katydid Records

CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS                   Cindy Gal
                Genuine Negro Jig              Nonesuch          

SI KAHN                  Sail Away
              Courage                          Strictly Country Records             

JENI & BILLY                     If I Ever Get 10 Dollars
           Longing For Heaven                  Jewell Ridge Records    

ERNEST TROOST        Old Time Religion
       Resurrection Blues              Traveling Shoes Records          

JACKIE MORRIS                   Online Dating
   Where The Legends Grow Like Weeds      Buttonbox Records

MODERN MAN                    Virtual Circle of Hell
       Modern Immaturity                Inverted Turtle Records      

JOHN PRINE                   In Spite of Ourselves
                  In Spite of Ourselves                 Ohboy                         

PAUL ROBESON         Swing Low Sweet Chariot
                     Swing Low Sweet Chariot                    Columbia

PAUL ROBESON                   Great Getting Up Morning
                   Swing Low Sweet Chariot                   Columbia

KIM & REGGIE HARRIS        Great Day
                 Steal Away                             Appleseed records   

KIM & REGGIE HARRIS                      Free At Last
                Steal Away                          Appleseed records         

JOE JENCKS                       Joe Hill
                   Links In A Chain                             Self                        

PAT WICTOR                 Gathering Flowers From The Master's Bouquet
                       Temporary Stay                  Risky Disk                     

GREG GREENWAY                   My Good Name
                 Greg Greenway                            Face                        

GREG ALEXANDER                    Listening To London
            Sky It Shall Be                    Summit House Music              

CAROL ELLLIOT               Rex Rob Lowenstein
          The People I Meet                Heartstrong Records                 

CAROL WILLIAMS           In My Life
         Commentaries on The Beatles         Little Beck Music 

CAROLYN HESTER              I'll Fly Away
                     Carolyn Hester                    Legacy                   

CAROLYN HESTER            What's That I Hear
              Carolyn Hester At Town Hall       Bear Family Records

CAROLYN HESTER          Playboys & Playgirls
               Carolyn Hester At Town Hall         Bear Family Records

JOHN PRINE               Angel FromMontgomery
                      John Prine Live & On Stage             Ohboy                    

The Thrills of The Hills, The Best in The West, The Tops in Pops:

HANK WILLIAMS                  Long Gone Lonesome Blues
                                Moanin' the Blues                             MGM

CAROLINA CHOCOLATE DROPS          Corn Bread & Butter Beans
               Genuine Negro Jig                  Nonesuch        

JO STAFFORD              You Belong to Me
                                                      Single                   Capitol

KRISTINA OLSON                  The Yellow Piper
          The Truth of A Woman                      Rounder                 

KATE WOLF                    Emma Rose
 Kate Wolf--Anthology                                  Rhino                        

PHIL OCHS               The Flower Lady
                         Chords of Fame                      A&M

JACKIE MORRIS        Where The Legends Grow Like Weeds
           Where The Legends Grow Like Weeds        Buttonbox Records

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