Monday, February 4, 2013


Any comments, queries, requests are always welcome via e mail to or USPS to WFDU/ Simcha 1000 River Rd. Teaneck, NJ  07666

You are aware that this month ---3 weeks only--is the much needed annual fundraising event for WFDU.  You will also be aware that this station comes to you ONLY once a year unlike some other stations that also seem to be funded quite well by corporations.  They, too, deliver quality programming as does WFDU (without multiple fund raising efforts).  I hope you will support this program and also TRADITIONS by making a pledge---donation---tax deductible---in any amount you can afford.  We do have some great premiums but, frankly,  it is about the program---keeping 'YIDDISHKEIT" on the air. And for TRADITIONS--keeping new and old FOLK music on the airwaves.   Only at WFDU.   You can pledge on line on the website . That site is totally secure and we appreciate your help and also appreciate your telephone calls when I am live in the studio.   My preference---call.  I would like to talk with you.

Now, to playlists.  I am not going to post or keep them in these 3 short weeks.   So here are a few faces to put with the voices we present to you so so many times---

Some musical moments from some of the artists featured on both programs--granted the slant is for SUNDAY SIMCHA  but there is so much to be discovered on TRADITIONS---OK---one more just for that program then---and please do support this eclectic programming.  There is nothing like it anymore on your commercial stations or your Ipods---we are not robots we like live and knowledgeable radio hosts

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