Monday, December 15, 2014


Your comments, queries, and requests are always welcome via e mail to ---One of our ardent listeners---sadly passed away--and did not have a computer.  If you do not you may mail to Simcha/Bill Hahn 100 Daly Blvd. Oceanside NY  11572  Suite 1509

Today's playlist follows and we do feature music by the Barry Sisters.  One of the dear ladies passed on a week or so ago as we all shall do at (good for her) the ripe old age of 94.  OK no records set but a long an fruitful life.  I mention this only because one of our listeners kept e mailing me about her death---OK ==listener---I get it and the world moves on w/ more great talent.  Talent that---forgive me for editorializing---is equally as good if not better.  She was an icon---IN HER TIME.

Do join us next week for our Chanukah party---Hannukah, Chanukkah, or any way your want to spell it---all our artists have different spellijngs

Today's playlist:

MARGOT LEVERETT & THE KLEZMER MTN. BOYS A Redl & A Volich (Theme) Margot Leverett & The Klezmer Mtn. Boys Ind  
THEH BARRY  SISTERS Oh Mama, Am I In Love Music From The Yiddish Radiio Project Shanachie  
KLEZMER BAND Bukoviner Yidn Ind  
LOREN SKLAMBERG / SUSAN MCKEON Jula Saints & Tzadics Ind.  
SHLOMO CARLEBACH Der Saksafon Spieler Tova Sings Beyla Ind
  Bene Bene Chai Personal Copy    
CAST YoinAa Pletzl Shreibt A Brief Menasha Skulnik & 20th Century Jewish Humor Leisure Time Music  
ALLAN SHERMAN The Ballad of Irving You Don't Have TO Be Jewish JMG  
CANTOR JOSEPH ROENBLATT Grow Mrs. Goldfarb For Swing Livers Only WB  
LAURA WWETZLER Hinenee Hheonimimaas Cantors, Klezmorim & Croooners 1905-1953 JSP
FEDER SISTERS Klezmer Hechalot Kabbalalh Music Nervy Girl Records
FYVUSH FINKEL Vuz Zull Men Zingen Cantors, Klezmorim & Croooners 1905-1953 JSP
JAN PEERCE Ich Bin A Boarder By Mein Weib Cantors, Klezmorim & Croooners 1905-1953 JSP
  Almonds & Raisins Yiddish Masterpieces I M Music  


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